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Calicantus is…

A big family

You will give your children an opportunity to discover more than just a simple choir….

Concerts and Tours

The excitement of being put to the test, together

Singing lessons

A special method, because learning to sing well is learning to live with joy.

Cultural exchanges, humanitarian activities, etc.

Unique experiences, that will never be forgotten

Dear parents,

do you remember when you too were children?

…. that pure feeling of excitement waiting for Christmas
…. or when mommy would snuggle with you reading a sweet story
…. running through the meadows or stopping to watch the clouds evaporate

…. they made you dream…..

Give your children memories that will last a lifetime!

News & Events

Tour de Suisse Romande

Tour de Suisse Romande

Nella settimana di Pasqua Calicantus si è recato in Svizzera romanda per una tournée di concerti e di scambi culturali dove ha rappresentato Locarno e il Ticino. Protagonista in meravigliose sale e chiese storiche a Tafers, Friborgo, Flanthey e Martigny, Calicantus ha...

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“Somebody to love” by Calicantus and Queen

“Somebody to love” by Calicantus and Queen

https://youtu.be/frKdzFtJ7tM Cari amici, in occasione della ricorrenza di 30 anni dalla scomparsa del cantante Feddie Mercury, oggi pubblichiamo su youtube il videoclip esplosivo “Somebody to love” dei Queen! In questa nuova produzione parliamo d'amore, di uguaglianza...

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…. the singing of his choir is delicate, free of presumptions and the urge to fascinate with technical tricks and complications… it offers a profound experience and sheer emotion. Milan Uherek

Founder of the Severáček choir in Liberec, Czech Republic

Already as a child I realized how lucky I was to sing in this choir and it was already very clear to me that something magical was happening. Singer

Coro Calicantus

In this choir everyone welcomes you, the beautiful thing is that you really make true friends.

You could even come to a lesson disheveled and nothing would happen, you can express your feelings and they listen to you. Singer

Coro Calicantus