A choir appreciated and awarded!

  • 5-6 may 2018 – Cattolica, Queen of the Adriatic sea
    First Prize in the category “Joung choirs”
    Gran Prix prize
  • 28 march – 7 april 2018 – Praga, Holiday of spring contest
    First prize  “ accademic music”,
    First  prize  “historical music”
    First prize  “contemporary music”
    First prize  “folkloristic music ”
    Gran Prix prize
  • 24-27 September 2015 – 9th Rimini International Competition.
    awards in all categories in which Calicantus participated:
    1st prize in the category Equal voices
    2nd prize in the Popular Music category
    2nd prize in the category Choirs of Children and Juveniles
    Director Mario Fontana was awarded the Best Director Award at the Rimini International Choral Competition!
  • 3 May 2015 Kultur Casino Bern: Lamprecht-Steiger Chorpreis 2015
    The 2015 prize was awarded to Coro Calicantus and its director Mario Fontana in recognition of the exemplary artistic and educational work carried out over the last twenty years in which he has been able to achieve a wonderful synthesis between tradition and innovation.The prize is also intended as an encouragement to continue to offer Ticino youths the opportunity to acquire and present choral music of different styles and high levels.
  • 2013 1st prize at the 3rd Fribourg choral competition
    Prix du jury concours de Fribourg 2013
  • 2010 4 first prizes were won at the prestigious Montreux International Competition:
    1st prize with congratulations from the Jury
    prize for the required work in equal voices
    prize for the best choice of repertoire and its interpretation
    prize from the audience
  • 2008 invited to represent Switzerland at the eighth “World Symposium on Choral Music” in Copenhagen, where they were called “The biggest joy in Copenhagen”!
  • 2007 1st prize in the Swiss Solothurn Competition
    1st prize for best choir (score 59/60)
    Lamprecht Steiger Foundation special prize
    Special prize SCV (Swiss Union of Choirs)
  • 2006 Calicantus received the Pro Ticino Award for having distinguished itself in safeguarding and enhancing the cultural and artistic heritage of the Canton of Ticino.
  • 2005 1st prize in the Swiss Glarus Competition
  • 2005 2nd prize at the Cuoricino d’ oro international gold competition in Luino, Italy.
  • 2001 Calicantus represented Switzerland in Canada at the “World of Children’s Choirs” Festival.

Press review

(2010 Montreux Competition) The real victory is the one we now carry inside our hearts. It is that sensation, that tingling that has passed through our united bodies, through our voices. The real victory was over the butterflies in the stomach that attacked everyone before the great moment. A victory that has united us all, even in small things.


Coro Calicantus

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