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Some productions in collaboration with the Calicantus Choir

Vent negru “Serenada”

The Ticino band Vent Negru, which has been revaluing the cultural and musical heritage of the southern Alps for 30 years, has produced this new disc with original musical pearls and style research. Calicantus made a small contribution in the track “Che confusione, eppur siam qui”.

Bande e Cuori 2016

This album recalls the New Year’s Eve at the RSI, where the Calicantus Choir, accompanied by the Big Band RSI performed “Oh happy Day”.

Die Apokalyptische – 3a sinfonia di Thomas Trachsel

The OFSI, Swiss Italian Wind Orchestra with the chorus Calicantus, presented two concerts to draw attention to children’s rights, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child approved by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1989.

Trachsel’s 3rd symphony is inspired by concern for future generations; it is a reminder to adults of their responsibility towards children.

This record was recorded live at the concert held in the church of San Francesco in Locarno on November 16,2014.

For more information: info@ofsi.ch

Musiques SACRÉES

Sacred music from around the world.
The “Musiques sacrées” box produced by the French publishing house Enbiro in collaboration with the ethnomusicology Ateliers of Geneva.

Jugendchor Festival Basel 2012

“Europäisches Jugendchor Festival Basel 2012”.
The eighth European festival “Europäisches Jugendchor Festival Basel 2012” was attended by the chorus Calicantus as special guests.

Chorama 2008

A CD made by the Swiss choral union to celebrate 30 years of activity. Calicantus was invited to perform at the official ceremony in Aarau.

Surrender 2006

Participation in a piece by the prog rock group Zenit.


Schweizer Nationalhymne 2005

A production by Radio Svizzera DRS with various versions of the Swiss anthem. Calicantus was selected to record the Italian version of the Swiss Psalm.

Le Triomphe de la République 2004
Nel 175mo della morte del compositore francese François-Joseph Gossec, appare questo disco inedito “Le Triomphe de la République” opera che dette forma alle idee del nuovo assetto politico in Francia.

Chorfoederatio 2002
Il 21 e 22 giugno 2002 si sono incontrati all’Expo.02 a Yverdon dieci tra i migliori cori amatoriali provenienti dalle quattro regioni linguistiche della Svizzera, di cui tre di voci bianche.

The World of Children’s Choirs 2001
Questo doppio CD “Festival Highlights” raggruppa una ventina fra i migliori cori di bambini invitati al Festival “World of children’s choirs 2001” svoltosi a Vancouver dal 18 al 22 marzo 2001.

Jugendchor Festival Basel 2001
“Europäisches Jugendchor Festival Basel 01” è un festival europeo che ha luogo ogni tre anni ed è anche il titolo del CD registrato nel Basler Münster in apertura del Festival.

Les Petits loups de Savigny 2000
In questo CD del coro “Les petits loups de Savigny” vi sono due brani nei quali canta anche il coro preparatorio 2, registrati dal vivo durante la “1 Rassegna internazionale di cori di voci bianche.

Serie di CD del gruppo Gioari
Gioari è un gruppo musicale svizzero che unisce strumenti etnici ed elettronici con paesaggi sonori della Natura, in particolare registrati sul nostro territorio ticinese.

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