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Sarà, sarà… – 2017

A DVD and CD box-set with 130 minutes of video showing the entire Calicantus School in concert on the 18th of Dicember 2016 at Locarno. With a lot of extras, exclusive interviews, backstage, material from lessons, weekends and camps and bonus songs.

A touching testimony full of live and colours, scents and songs – a bunch of flowers, which have grown and blossomed over 25 years in the Calicantus family.

DVD & CD Sarà, sarà…
con 130 minuti di filmato
Prezzo 22.00 CHF

Piano – Simona Crociani
Accordion and bandoneon – Flaviano Braga
Bass – Mauro Fiero
Drums – Italo Pesce
Vibraphone and xylophone – Mattia Terzi
Cello – Rémi Fontana
Guitar – Mario Fontana
Artistic director and conductor – Mario Fontana

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