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“Let your little light shine” – Calicantus sings for Christmas 2020

We think of all of you friends, who in many ways have been close to us and supported us during these 29 years. We think of our children and young people who in these decades have come closer to their inner light with singing. Singing is forbidden in Switzerland today. We want our voice to be heard! “Let your little lights shine” is a small home-made record, from the title borrowed by the great American singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. It is a collection of Christmas music and surroundings, as if it were our Christmas concert 2020. There are “historical” and light, jovial and intimate moments, taken from hundreds of concerts and recordings from 1997 until 2019.
Total Time 68,27 min. Available on YouTube https://youtu.be/dXJotHZ7muk
There are all the choirs, from children aged 6 to the concert choir and many musicians. The 28 tracks are generally of professional quality, others are modest live recordings. Children and young people want to sing so much, they want to continue to live the joy and enjoy the growth that singing together gives to their person and their soul.   With this Christmas disc we want to communicate it to you and confidently tell you “…see you soon in concert!” Merry Christmas! Mario Fontana, December 2020

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